Internet Sunshine

From time to time you come across little anecdotes, stories or just really keepable things on the net, you save them and never look at them again. These pages contain some of the things we found. Rather than just saving them somewhere and forgetting about them we stuck them in here in the hope that someone else will enjoy them as well...

If you are responsible for any of these creations (or you know who is...) and due credit is not given, please get in touch.

The BOFH collection

South African things...

Travel in South-Africa
The story of Creation
Public perception map of South Africa
South African Receiver of Revenue
The new South African anthem


Forrest Gump goes to heaven
About Zimbabwean President Mugabe
A boy and his frog
The Truth about devices
What if people bought cars like they bought computers?
The life of a sysadmin...
Training Memo
Unix Wars
How hot is hell?
Only in the US Legal System

Lists of things...

How many dogs does it take to change a lightbulb?
As I've matured, I've learned...
Being a bloke is top because...
Dilbert words of wisdom
Horror Movie Survival Guide
List of quality .sigs
OMNI Magazine "Best of Humour" results
Comparison between Drug Dealers and Software Engineers
Of lawyers and doctors...
Mistakes on CV's
Useful Work Phrases
Windows 2000
How many newsgroup readers does it take to change a lightbulb?
The complete guide to Cows
If operating systems/programming languages were chickens
If Operating Systems ran the airlines


Millenium Pi
The Beatles
Berkeley California
Bohemain Rhapsody gone wrong
Money for Nothing
Star Wars Songs
Geek Poem


Humour and random
Optical illisions

UK Internet Related

The McRae Card

Other things...

struct ComputerContractor

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